Personal Instagram Posts 

Software used: Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop & Premiere 

I rarely upload to Instagram, but when I do... I like to be creative!

My process starts with selecting the best images and videos I have taken on my iPhone and importing them into Adobe Lightroom. Here, I carefully adjust contrast, exposure, colour balance etc. to produce a feel I am happy with.

Once I have completed this, I transfer the images over to Photoshop. I like to take advantage of Instagram's 'carousel' feature, allowing me to upload multiple photos (and videos) into a single slide. This requires me to calculate the required width of the document and decide upon image placement within Photoshop - as well as selecting where the video should go!

After I have completed this, I transfer the specific slide which I have created a 'video slot' in over to Adobe Premiere. Here, I firstly must reconfigure the programmes automatic 'video size' to one which matches that of the other slides. I then import my chosen videos, adjust colour etc. and crop/move them into the selected area.


Some examples of finished products may be seen below.